Palestra: Agile Transformation best practices.


Today we find many organizations with firmly established processes leaning towards large scale agile adoption. Agile transformation represents a big change from traditional, plan driven methods and it should be taken seriously. Considering mainstream agile methods such as scrum would suggest that agile projects have small, collocated, and self-sufficient teams. However, in reality and during an agile transition, agile teams do not work in such idealistic circumstances. How agile practices can be introduced gradually within a waterfall organization? What are the actions taken and what really happens during an agile transformation? How do you effectively be agile in enterprise environment and what are the best practices to ensure your agile adoption successfully? Based on real-world experiences, this presentation explores a number of issues with respect to enterprise-scale agile adoption and offers advice on how to addresses the many challenges and organizational barriers that are encountered during the transition. It is about the integration of the agile in a non-agile world that will be demonstrated during this session.

Track: Agile depois do mainstream

Horário: 15:00, Sábado.

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Cherifa Mansoura

Cherifa has been with IBM since 1998. In the course of her previous experience and on several engagements, she acted as a Senior Business analyst, process engineer focusing on methodology adoption, customization and deployment based on RUP, Agile and other less known methods. Her recent experience and interests have been focused on working with a World Wide IBM Rational team. Working closely with thought leaders within IBM, she extended her leadership skills within Rational IBM and as part of the IBM Agile Solution definition initiative, she collaborated with Scott Ambler and assisted with the development of the Disciplined Agile delivery (DAD) workshop. She delivered the workshop to several customers. For the last two years she has been heavily involved in the creation of Agile content within IBM. She led and project managed the development of packaged Service Offering in the agile “space”. Initially she led the development of the assets for Rapid Deployment for Agile Delivery package and Disciplined Agile Delivery with Rational Team Concert (RTC). More recently, she moved into a WW new position as a Solution Architect, assisting customers with the applied Agile using RTC as an agile planning and scope management tool and Rational Requirements Composer (RRC) for their Agile Requirements definition