• 21st Century Software Delivery
    Speaker: Jez Humble

    For many years software engineering meant delivering software the way we constructed buildings. This turns out to be a wildly inefficient way to create innovative products and services based on software. In this talk I'll discuss what makes software different from buildings, and how we can take advantage of its unique properties to satisfy our customers through continuously delivery of valuable software. I'll also talk about how you can adopt these practices in the safety of your own office, and explore the art of the possible and the patterns and practices used by high performing companies.

  • Realtime Single-page Applications: Web's Holy Grail
    Speaker: Guillermo Rauch

    This talk will explore the holy grail of the modern web app: seamless realtime data synchronization across all browser tabs & mobile/tablet devices; no unneeded reloads & optimistic UI changes; offline support, and traditional SEO-friendly techniques.


  • Scaling Pinterest
    Speaker: Yash Nelapati

    Pinterest.com grew to billions of page views per month in just under a year, and the number one question we’re asked at parties is “what’s in your stack?” Sit back while we take you on a tour of our current architecture, the lessons learned along the way, and the successes. We’ll focus on how we sharded our MySQL database, caching mechanisms, and server management. We’ll also touch on the conveniences and challenges of building today’s most modern web infrastructures on Amazon’s EC2.

  • How Netflix Operates Multi-Region Clouds for Maximum Freedom and Agility
    Speaker: Jeremy Edberg

    In this session, learn how Netflix has embraced DevOps and leveraged all that the cloud has to offer to allow our developers maximum freedom and agility. Also hear about Netflix's open source projects, such as Asgard, Hystrix, and others. A special focus will be on our new multi-region efforts in 2013.

  • When Geek Leaks
    Speaker: Neal Ford

    Why is the relationship between the hippie counter culture of the 1960’s and the existence of spam email? How did a bunch of math geeks almost destroy the financial world? How can you build simpler architectures that scale? How are types of presentations like software designs? This keynote delves into these unexpected relationships and explores what they tell us about the intersection of the real world with software. Software is eating the world, and the geeks who write the code cook the buffet.