Design-Driven Development & Context-Driven Experience

Design-Driven Development & Context-Driven Experience

Ballroom 1-4
Sexta, 10:50am - 11:50am

Has your project started as a list of features, or a list of problems? Do you sell functionality or experience? Do you respond to resolutions or adapt to real contexts?


Think about how many smart devices you have. What is the use of the vast amount of data they generate about you? Let’s discover together what can we use these technologies for and how to design for multiple devices instead of multiple screens?


In this keynote Gábor will talk about what factors can drive design/development and how to apply them in a multi-device environment.

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Designer at Prezi, with knowledge and experience in both art and technical, Gábor Hoffer is passionate about making and repairing things and continuous learning. In Prezi he works to build a bridge between designers and developers, having the ability to understand, communicate and solve problems in both fields.