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Building a Data Science Program at NASA/JPL with Visual Analytics
9:35am - 10:35am
Por: Rob Witoff
Pioneiro em Data Science na NASA

Exploring the cosmos for the better half of a century has generated voluminous stores of varied data. While this data was collected remotely, strides have been made back on earthly clouds that can now elastically store, visually describe and analyze these volumes of data. As earth-based space agencies explore ambitious new missions, JPL is taking small steps to unleash our data to visually educate and enable our engineers to best tackle our future with a data driven understanding of the present. This talk will discuss how JPL is building a new data science team using cloud based visual analytics to resolve mysteries whose questions & answers lay hidden in our data.

Scaling League of Legends: managing culture, extreme complexity and 30 million active users
10:50am - 11:50am
Por: Jarrod Overson
Senior Software Engineer at Riot Games/League of Legends

The web continues to grow at a staggering pace and its progress can provide a lot of insight as to how distributed communities can grow effectively. We're using the success of the web community as an example of how to scale development at Riot and the League of Legends team, and we're excited to see and take part in what the future has in store.


In this keynote Jarrod will talk about Riot's engineering culture and how it has scaled through the company’s growth. We'll also take a look at some of the exciting web technologies that are coming out and how Riot is using them to enrich and scale the League of Legends experience.


Hadoop and the Big Data Ecosystem
9:35am - 10:35am
Por: Todd Lipcon
Membro-Fundador do Hadoop e Eng. da Cloudera

Over the last several years, businesses have seen an explosion in the volume, variety, and velocity of the data they must deal with every day. This has been both a blessing and a curse. At the same time as the explosion in data has enabled new types of highly intelligent applications and insights, developers have found that the previous generation of data management tools and frameworks struggle to keep up with terabytes or petabytes of often ill-structured data.


In this talk, Todd will cover Apache Hadoop, an open source framework for storing and analyzing vast quantities of diverse data. In addition to giving a panorama of the core Hadoop components, including HDFS and MapReduce, Todd will also introduce other projects in the Hadoop ecosystem, including Apache HBase, Cloudera Impala, and Apache Spark. Also highlighted, are some of the most interesting applications of these new technologies from several of today's data-enabled companies.

Design-Driven Development & Context-Driven Experience
10:50am - 11:50am
Por: Gábor Hoffer
Designer of the Prezi Mobile Team

Has your project started as a list of features, or a list of problems? Do you sell functionality or experience? Do you respond to resolutions or adapt to real contexts?


Think about how many smart devices you have. What is the use of the vast amount of data they generate about you? Let’s discover together what can we use these technologies for and how to design for multiple devices instead of multiple screens?


In this keynote Gábor will talk about what factors can drive design/development and how to apply them in a multi-device environment.