Tutoriais: 23 e 24 de março
Conferência: de 25 a 27 de março

Palestra: Scaling Uber with Node.js: full-stack web technology at scale


Dia da semana:

11:55am - 12:45pm

In 2014 alone, the Uber service grew 6 times, and today is available in 250 cities in 50 countries. With this rapid growth come huge technical challenges to keep up with ever increasing consumer demand.

This talk will describe Uber's journey building and scaling its realtime dispatching systems using Node.js. The realtime system is responsible for powering Uber’s global transportation marketplace by fulfilling rider pickup requests, dispatching riders to drivers, and shepherding both rider and driver through the state transitions of a trip.

In this talk, we will discuss the following aspects of Uber’s Node.js usage:

  • Evaluating tradeoffs between new technologies. Embracing cutting edge technology can be exciting – but when it comes to running a mission critical piece of infrastructure, it is more important to take informed risks and have confidence in the underlying technology platform and the supporting developer community.

  • Production Operations: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Operating new technologies in production at massive scale is a maturing process. Some examples of what to do and what to avoid will be presented.

  • Cultivating in-house expertise and striving to be as self-service as possible in your new technology of choice. Then double down by leveraging that expertise to build great modules, tools, and frameworks that make engineers more productive and systems more reliable.


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