Tutoriais: 23 e 24 de março
Conferência: de 25 a 27 de março

Palestrante: Ryan Knight

Enterprise Solution Engineer at DataStax
Ryan Knight has 15 years of experience with building highly-concurrent, large-scale applications with Java, Scala, Akka and NoSQL databases. He frequently does training and presentations at conferences around the world, such as JavaOne, Devoxx, and many other meetups and has traveled to over 15 countries. He first started Java Consulting in 1999 at the Sun Java Center and has since worked at a wide variety of companies such as Typesafe, Oracle, IBM, Intel, Tomax, Family Search and Riot Games.

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Tutorial: Building a Reactive Data Pipeline with Scala, Akka and Cassandra

Palestra: Next-generation Scala architectures for large-scale distributed applications


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