Tutoriais: 23 e 24 de março
Conferência: de 25 a 27 de março

Palestrante: Yuji Kiriki

Technical leader at S4N, Colombia
A distributed systems enthusiast, Yuji Kiriki is partner and technical leader at S4N, the first Typesafe consulting partner in Latin America. He has delivered many mission-critical applications based on distributed system architectures using a variety of JVM based technologies such as Scala and Akka. With a wide range of experience helping companies build large-scale distributed systems, he has gained the ability to understand the complexity of building software in restricted environments such as developing countries. He also helped more traditional companies adopt, maintain and evolve cutting-edge technologies, and is currently focused on guiding and supporting his clients at S4N as they transition to reactive architectures.

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Tutorial: Building a Reactive Data Pipeline with Scala, Akka and Cassandra


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