Tutoriais: 23 e 24 de março
Conferência: de 25 a 27 de março


14:30 - 18:15

Tutorial: Polyglot persistence for Java developers: moving out of the relational comfort zone

Relational databases have long been considered the one true way to persist enterprise data and even today are an excellent choice for many applications. But for some applications NoSQL databases are a viable alternative. They can simplify the persistence of complex data models and offer significantly better scalability and performance. But using NoSQL databases is very different from the ACID/SQL/JDBC/JPA world that we have become accustomed to, with different and unfamiliar APIs and a very different and usually limited transaction model. So what’s a Java developer to do?

In this tutorial we will describe polyglot persistence architectures, which use a mix of SQL and NoSQL databases. We will explore the modern database technology landscape, describing the capabilities of traditional and not so traditional SQL databases. You will learn about some popular NoSQL stores, their data models and Java APIs, benefits and drawbacks. We'll also explore how databases of various types are used in the microservices architecture.


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