Keynote: The Cloud-centric Internet of Things

Dia da semana:

In more and more industries, implementing smart connected devices is now a WHEN rather than an IF. Many cloud vendors offer services which could fit your IoT projects – but which vendors and which patterns work best for which types of projects? Are any of their recently released IoT suites actually mature enough to use? Where are the gaps? Beyond the hype, what are the actual 'hard problems' of building IoT solutions that are secure and deliver business value for you now?

In this keynote, cloud architect and developer Lynn Langit will share patterns and practices from her recent IoT cloud-projects. She will discuss practical architectural considerations, such as working with protocols like MQTT, implementing pub/sub for async IoT message handling, use of microservices (lambdas) for efficient scalability, working with rules engines and setting up device security. Also shared is the experience working with enterprise developer teams to move through technology validation and prototyping phases, and into customer betas using applied lean startup practices.





Conference for Professional Software Developers

Conference for Professional Software Developers