Keynote: Top Performance Myths and Folkore

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Building high-performance systems is tough. Today this is especially tough since a lot of the common wisdom for what makes a system high-performance is misleading at best, and often just plain wrong. This talk aims to expose the myths and folklore commonly found on the web related to building high-performance systems.

​Martin Thompson will cover his updated top-10 performance myths that even experts building high-performance trading or big data systems fall prey to. Taking an approach of "measure everything" has been an enlightening education into what works – and what doesn't – when trying to achieve high throughput at low latencies.

This talk highlights the findings of working on systems requiring the extremes of performance and how they truly test any high-performance systems design. Topics covered will include Java, concurrency, operating systems, functional programming, and how hardware really works.





Conference for Professional Software Developers

Conference for Professional Software Developers