Palestra: Beyond Multi-Tenancy: Introducing a new container-based Application Factory


Dia da semana:

3:55pm - 4:45pm


Multi-tenancy is the classical approach for delivering SaaS applications. However, at the application level multi-tenancy comes with significant limitations in terms of processing isolation, efficient hardware utilization and advanced per-tenant configuration. Because our Nuxeo CMS platform is designed to be deeply configurable and extensible, the classic multi-tenant model was clearly inadequate for us and our customers.

In this session, you'll see a new application factory infrastructure built to avoid the limitations of multi-tenancy, using customized Docker containers deployed on demand for each tenant, while still being able to manage this as a single application. We will also describe the design choices made for the Arken open source project and explain how this infrastructure was built using technologies like Docker, CoreOS, Fleet, and Gogeta.

This presentation will also show you how this new container-based application factory model optimizes the hosting costs by providing high-density container hosting on top of AWS EC2 and passivization and on-demand activation of data-less containers.