Palestra: Building Effective Microservice Teams


Dia da semana:

12:10pm - 1:00pm

Most of us know about Conway’s saying: “Any organization will produce a design which is a copy of the organization’s communication structure.” But Conway coined four laws in his 1968 seminal paper “How Committees Invent.” What are the other ones and why are we not talking about them? What do they tell us about optimizing teams in a distributed world?

​The rise of microservices and the continued push to improve agility and autonomy of software teams, as well as the increased likelihood that teams are spread across the globe, are all related – even if they are at times in opposition to each other.

This talk looks at the work of Mel Conway, Parkinson, Brooks, Dunbar and others, as well as a wide range of personal experience – synthesizing advice and guidance on how we can learn from the last 50 years of research and experience in building and managing teams. We see how distance affects communication, and how we can create teams that produce the code we expect at the speed, level of complexity, coupling, and reliability necessary to succeed in today’s distributed world.