Palestra: Java EE, Extendable to Functional


Dia da semana:

3:55pm - 4:45pm

Java EE 7 holds two critical gems many developers never employ: CDI Scopes and Java EE Connectors. Do you have any code storing objects in hashmaps? You can kill that code with custom scopes. Need to interact with a system that doesn’t speak HTTP? Stop writing endless wrapping endpoints and just support that protocol natively with Java EE Connectors. We’ll explore both in detail through concrete and runnable code examples that will have you ready to code.

​We'll also explore the role of Functional programming in Java EE. With a mix of usable Java EE 7 and potential Java EE 8 features, we’ll take concepts like @Schedule annotations and Bean Validation and see how they might be fundamentally changed with Java 8 language enhancements like lambdas and method references.