Palestra: Shopify at scale: Resilience, developer productivity and 200,000 stores


Dia da semana:

6:15pm - 7:05pm

Shopify is a commerce platform supporting over 200k active stores with more than $12 billion in sales. In this session we'll show how we scale both our software development and production environments to handle traffic that more than doubles every year.

​We will explore what resiliency techniques Shopify successfully has put into production at scale, how we write tests to ensure we don't reintroduce single points of failure, and how can we beat on the production environment to simulate flash sales or database failures.

​We'll cover the stacks and tools Shopify uses – which allow any developer to redeploy our entire platform over 35 times a day without things going off the ‘Rails'. We'll talk about our tools stack: Vagrant, Github (issues, PRs), GSDS (Getting Sh*t Done at Scale), the core pieces of our production environment (Rails, Docker, NGINX, how we route), and how we test and ensure customers can always buy things.