Palestrante: Rob Witoff

Director at Coinbase (form. NASA)
Rob is a director at Coinbase, the largest bitcoin service worldwide. His team is responsible providing digital financial services to millions of users around the globe. He is a deep believer in automation and finding hard truths in the data we generate along the way. Previously, Rob led Data Science at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He helped expand the agency’s access and capabilities with their data, including the systems powering massive Martian telemetry and imagery analysis and modernizing space mission infrastructure. He has also worked to extend earth’s interstellar bandwidth as a lead engineer on the International Space Station’s laser communication system, OPALS, and led SpaceX Launch Systems. His work contributed to the first successful American optical link with the International Space Station. Rob is a longtime entrepreneur, endurance runner and Y Combinator founder of Apigy inc.

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