9:15 - 18:15

Workshop: Building your own modern distributed system

In this full-day workshop, creator of RavenDB Oren Eini will guide your through the steps of building a consensus-driven distributed system from scratch. Topics covered:

  • Persistence to disk, including ACID transactions
  • Log Structure Merge, Sorted String Tables, and Write-ahead Logs
  • Communication between nodes
  • The Raft Consensus Algorithm and the Gossip Protocol
  • Building client code to talk to the distributed system

Throughout this workshop, we'll build a distributed banking system, learning how to manage issues such as reliable distributed transactions, efficient queries across multiple nodes and scaling out the system – in a day, from scratch.

We will be using Visual Studio 2015 (more specifically, DNX). Attendees will need to be able to run CoreCLR applications on their system.