9:15 - 13:00

Workshop: Real-world Big Data cloud architectures and patterns

In this half-day workshop, you will learn about modern solution patterns with the public cloud. We'll cover Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, and work with scenarios collaboratively. Cloud patterns will include the following:​

  • Selecting the right cloud-based data service: When to use which type of Big Data solution – in particular when to use Big Relational (for hot, warm or cold data), when to use NoSQL (and which type, i.e. key-value, document, graph, etc.) and when to use Hadoop;
  • Complex data pipeline optimization: Cloud-based ETL tools and processes, includes load-testing patterns and security practices (including connecting between different vendor clouds);
  • Process and Visualization: When to use business analytics vs. predictive analytics (machine learning), how best to present data to clients - partner visualization products or roll your own.