14:30 - 18:15

Workshop: Thinking in DDD: Improve your software without being a guru

Domain-Driven Design is a large topic and becoming an expert is a goal that involves years of experience. But DDD provides so many wonderful – and powerful – ideas that you can learn from and benefit from right away when designing or refactoring software.

​In this half-day workshop, based on extensive real-word experience, you will learn about some of the DDD patterns such as bounded contexts, aggregates, anti-corruption layers as well as the importance of thinking about your database persistence as a cross-cutting concern. You will also gain some insight into modeling domains and learn how to continue questioning your processes until the "aha!" moment arrives to you and your development team.

​With these important tools you can already begin to improve your software design and maintainability as well as your sanity. And with these tools in hand you can continue to explore, practice and be guided by additional techniques that come from Domain-Driven Design.