Keynote: Modern Leadership and Team Science: Creating Space to Be Awesome


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Our role as technology leaders is changing. And somehow also staying the same. Though we work in new ways – for instance using Agile & Lean – we are still trying to achieve the same thing. Our mission is to create high performing teams to deliver high quality products that help our users and organizations to succeed.

So how do we go about it? First of all, we steal the best lessons we can from psychology, management science, and other fields including sports. Then we focus on how to create an environment in which a diverse range of people can be themselves, and be successful.

In this keynote we’ll take a whistle-stop tour of the relevant science, then focus on how to use it in our day-to-day – to create inclusive and effective work environments in which everyone can be awesome.





Conference for Professional Software Developers

Conference for Professional Software Developers