Keynote: The Panama Papers, Graphs and Data Science: Unravelling the Shady World of Offshore Finance One Data Structure at a Time


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The Panama Papers – the world's largest leak of offshore data – exposed 2.6 terabytes in 11,5 million files spanning 40 years of records on more than 210k companies. Data on thousands of banks and major world politicians was disclosed, and the leak has led to 150+ investigations in 79 countries, many of them ongoing.

The impact of the Panama Papers received a major boost from the use of sophisticated data science technology. Tools like graph databases are able to take complex webs of interactions and search them for interesting connections at phenomenal speed. When these are applied to real-world datasets, positive social change happens: prime ministers are outed from office or embarrassed; footballers are held to account for evading tax their fans pay; shady transactions of major international banks are laid bare.

In this talk we'll explore the Panama Papers, and show how a modern data processing pipeline feeding into a modern graph database can be used to lift the veil of secrecy. There'll be shady characters, there'll be money, and there'll be some really interesting and powerful technology to shine a light on it all.





Conference for Professional Software Developers

Conference for Professional Software Developers