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Keynote: Big Data's Ethical Drought: The thirst for more data has led to a lapse in ethics and privacy

Sala: Pequim + Nova York + São Francisco

Horário: 9:00am - 10:20am

Dia da semana: Terça-feira

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Pontos Principais

  • Current practices in big data collection often ignore ethical analysis and data privacy concerns;
  • Implementing ethical data collection and use requires more than a small pledge on a website -- instead, it requires a structural and systemic change of the way we approach automation, machine learning, and our users’ data;
  • LGPD is an opportunity to take note and redress the current uses of data in Brazilian startups and companies -- creating a focus on fair treatment, transparency, and data minimization.


As we strive to build better Artificial Intelligence (AI), our thirst for more data has hit an all-time high. In our quest for more data to support further automation and machine learning systems, many companies have set aside pledges to protect privacy or to enforce ethics. Instead, they focus definitively on collecting more data -- but at what cost? In this talk, we’ll dive into examples of data (mis)use and ponder if there is a better way to move forward. How can we feed the data beast we have created without violating the trust and privacy of our users? How can we gather large amounts of data and still produce an ethical product? And finally, who and what are at risk given our current trajectory?

Speaker: Katharine Jarmul

Co-Founder of KIProtect

Katharine Jarmul is a passionate and internationally recognized data scientist, programmer and lecturer. Her current work and research focuses on securing data for data science workflows as co-founder at KIProtect. She held numerous roles at large companies and startups in the US and Germany, implementing data processing and machine learning systems with a focus on reliability, testability and security. She is an author for O‘Reilly and frequent keynote speaker at international software conferences.

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