Palestra: Developing a digital product. What it is and how.

Track: Solutions Track

Sala: 5 Xangai

Horário: 4:05pm - 4:50pm

Dia da semana: Segunda-feira

Nível: Intermediário

Persona: Arquiteto(a), Desenvolvedor(a) Programador(a), Desenvolvedor(a) Sênior, Gerente de Produto, Gestão (VP, CTO, CIO, Diretoria), Líder Técnico(a)

Apresentação em Inglês

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Pontos Principais

  • Building a great product experience needs a strong product platform;
  • How to build a product platform for the platform economy;
  • A digital product as a combination of experience and platform.


Building a great digital product requires designing and developing an experience and a platform together. The presentation will go over the implications and what it takes to build a great digital product in the digital economy and how to leverage the network effect.

We will go over the mindset as well as practical considerations and steps that are required to build a product platform. With several years of experience building public API and digital platforms, this presentation will be based on real use cases and successes from companies I led both in the US and Brazil.

Speaker: Roberto Mameli

Head of Product Technology at Creditas

Over 20 years of Technology Experience in Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area. Innovative Technology Executive and transformational Product Technology leader with experience managing product technology organizations building and delivering competitive consumer products, digital customer experiences, digital platforms and enterprise-wide applications and systems.

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