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Palestra: From Monolith to Observable Microservices using DDD

Track: Microservices: Melhores Práticas e Padrões

Sala: 3 Pequim

Horário: 4:05pm - 4:50pm

Dia da semana: Segunda-feira

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Nível: Intermediário

Persona: Arquiteto(a), Desenvolvedor(a) Programador(a), Desenvolvedor(a) Sênior, DevOps, Líder Técnico(a)

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Pontos Principais

  • Identify and decouple contexts using Domain Driven Design and refactoring techniques;
  • Approaches to design microservices so they can be maintained and effectively operationalized;
  • Approaches for logging, monitoring and alerting;
  • New trends and techniques and tools worth exploring.


Agile practices and techniques like continuous delivery are all about being able to react to changes rapidly, but putting them into practice when you have a big monolith application can be difficult. Microservices offer one solution.

María Gómez shows in this session how to move from a monolith to microservices applying Domain Driven Design principles. Additionally, she explains how to better maintain microservices in production by making them observable.

Palestrante: Maria Gomez

Engineering Director at BCG Digital Ventures

Senior Technology Leader and hands-on software engineer and architect with 10+ years of experience in the industry. She currently works as Engineer Director at BCG Digital Ventures in Berlin, identifying and leveraging technical trends and solutions to enable innovation and better product-market fit She is passionate about technical leadership, building high performing teams, and empowering other women to succeed in the IT industry.

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