Keynote: "The Diabolical Developer's Guide to surviving the Hype Curve"

Sala: Sala 2 + Sala 3 + Sala 4

Horário: 9:00am - 10:20am

Dia da semana: Quarta-feira


The sheer volume of new technologies and methodologies in the software industry today is mind-blowing, yet the industry somehow expects you to be a 'Full-Stack Developer' or an 'On-demand expert'? This expectation is clearly unhealthy, but what is a poor software industry professional to do?

The Diabolical Developer takes a look at the most recent industry trends for the day to day software engineer, tech lead, engineering manager. Most importantly he'll cover how to survive the chaos, and even thrive in it!

Blockchain, K8s, DevOps, GitOps, VR, AR, Quantum, PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, Agile, Scrum, XP, Lean, Java, Javascript, Typescript, Helm, Terraform, AI, ML, Data Science, Python are just some of the topics that will be dissected.

Speaker: Martijn Verburg

Principal Software Engineering Group Manager (Java) at Microsoft

Martijn Verburg is the group manager of the newly formed Java Engineering Group at Microsoft (after the acquisition of his former company jClarity). He is the co-leader of the London Java User Group (LJC), the Director at AdoptOpenJDK, and sits on the Executive Committee of the Java Standards body (JCP) and the Jakarta EE steering group.

He's a popular speaker at major conferences (JavaOne, JFokus, OSCON, Devoxx, QCon, etc.) where he is known for challenging the industry status quo as "the Diabolical Developer".

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